Paradise Papers leak shows Queen’s private estate invested in BrightHouse as details of offshore accounts are revealed

THE Queen’s private estate invested in rent-to-own firm BrightHouse, according to a leak of financial documents. The documents, known as the Paradise Papers, show that the Duchy of Lancaster has held and still holds investments into a number of businesses, including the controversial retailer. Details of the Queen’s investments have […]

Astronomers just found a real Vulcan

The orange-red desert and lava world Vulcan, as depicted in Star Trek. Has life imitated art?

Spock, the dry but eternally logical Vulcan science officer from the Star Trek series of movies and television shows. Astronomers have found a world where his character is said to have originated from.Source:Supplied LIVE long, and prosper: Star Trek’s planet Vulcan, of course, does not exist. But we’ve just found […]