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A New Paradigm in Medicine

Medical science is in a constant state of change. However, not all of it is directed toward the intention of abating disease. Many powerful entities influence medicine redirecting it away from this primary objective. The standard of care today for medicine in the United States emphasizes medications and procedures such as surgeries sometimes before looking at options that more directly identify the cause. There is a groundswell of like minded physicians and healthcare practitioners that stress the prevention of disease and this search for cause. This change in paradigm is exciting. It provides more options for the maintenance of optimal health and combating, in some cases, previously considered untreatable disease.

The Allergy & Environmental Medicine Center helps those suffering "untreatable" conditions such as ADD, Crohn's colitis, arthritis, interstitial cystitis, eczema, depression, hives, asthma, chemical sensitivities/toxicities, severe allergies and more. These can be difficult diseases to treat without medications or procedures unless one looks outside traditional medical education. We have offered treatments for these for roughly over a decade now.

Dr. Gerald Natzke The director, Dr. Gerald Natzke is a board certified allergist and environmental medical specialist as well as a diplomat of the International Board of Environmental Medicine. Having practiced in the Flint, Michigan area since 1983 he has become is an assistant clinical professor for Michigan State University's allopathic and osteopathic colleges, a board member of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, chair of the county Environmental Health Committee and one of their Hazmat Advisors. His hospital affiliations, with privileges, are Genesys Regional Medical Center and McLaren Regional Medical Center.

Every patient seen at the Allergy & Environmental Medicine Center is treated with compassion and respect. At the Center we offer the best and latest forms of testing and treatment. This includes, but is not limited to serial end point titration, optimal dose therapy, progressive dilutional desensitization, Low Dose Antigen (LDA), Sensitivity Reduction Technique (SRT), intravenous nutritional therapy, medication treatment, toxic metal chelation and detoxification for chemicals. Educational support can also be given privately or in groups.

The Allergy & Environmental Medicine Center itself is a fragrance free center, which was designed with air purity in mind. A state of the art air purification system and many other structural modifications add to the patient's comfort and improved health.

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